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A dedicated group of riders who promote cycling in order to foster better overall health and give back to our community.



The meaning of VIM is simple, energy and enthusiasm, and as a Team it is what

we focus into cycling each and every time we jump on the saddle. Racing is the forum

or more precisely the language in which our shared VIM gets translated from mental

ideal into real world physics and motions that we can all understand in a shared

universal tongue or code. We race not to win prizes, purses, or even glory, but rather to focus and better

ourselves. To give back, improve our community around us, to foster inclusion,

and diversity in the sport of cycling. In this we want to create, sponsor, and participate in

racing events that break the atrophy suffered from the static and sedentary lifestyles we

live in our modern times and West Texas setting.

Individually we can all ride solo facing and fighting for change against the

headwinds levied upon us, but as a team under the banner and colors of VIM, our

energies and talent stacked inside of this slipstream of motion and energy, we as VIM

can be a force multiplier and change the dynamic of the status quo. This is where we

stand, this is where we ride, so please join us here.



Feel the ViM



Formed in 2016, ViM Racing is a non-profit 501(c)3 group that was created to raise

money for local and national philanthropic groups through charity rides and also

compete in USA cycling sanctioned events. ViM Racing is a team of cyclists who ride for

the joy of competition. We are not professional athletes. We are your neighbors and

coworkers; male and female, young and old. We meet for weekly training rides and

compete in events ranging from local club rides, sponsored charity races, to the USA

Cycling National Road Festival and Mountain Bike National Championships.



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Our Racing and Philanthropic efforts would not be made possible without our incredible 2019 Sponsors!


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